(cre) Dogbolter: Let me get this right...you had a blow job from Lucifer, which you paid a half pizza for, and you're looking forward to a half price one next time because he bit you?

Discworld MUD Log: Revol and pizza

If you've ever wondered what all the talk regarding Revol, Lucifer and pizza is about, here you go.

[26 September 2001]

(cre) Trilogy: We're not talking about sec.
(cre) Kirsta: yes
(cre) Revol: urm.... nipples?
(cre) Trilogy: x
(cre) Awful: Actually to act as a chastity device you wouldn't pierce the
     clitoris, you'd want two rings one in each "lip".  Then put a small lock
     between them. :)
(cre) Eight: ouch!!!
You creator-tell: I thought about having that done.
(cre) Kaea: Yuk, bad thought
(cre) Etain cringes
(cre) Awful: Not my idea.
(cre) Revol: that is awful, Awful....
(cre) Dogbolter: You could use a combination cock.
(cre) Dasquian: Piercings... bad... ripped flesh... blood... missing body
     parts... ew
(cre) Etain: ouch
(cre) Awful: Yep.  There's a similar method for males with a Prince Albert and
     a scrotom piercing.
(cre) Revol contemplates "if i stick it in here and wiggle around... ah yes!"
(cre) Exote cringes
(cre) Eight: oh, I forgot .. I had a piercing last night..
(cre) Dasquian: Like nipple rings (particularly with attached chains)... I just
     think, "what if someone grabbed and pulled?"
(cre) Eight: I stood on an upturned plug :-(
(cre) Revol: i just got pissed last night, and tonight i'm pissed off.. the
     night before last, i got bit and concequently pierced.
(cre) Dasquian: j00 suck
(cre) Dogbolter: And tomorrow, you'll be pissed on.
(cre) Revol: by Luci?
(cre) Eight: golden shower
(cre) Dogbolter: Do I look like I know?
(cre) Etain: hmm does shagging inevitably lead to peircing where you're from
(cre) Eight: I think he was hoping
(cre) Revol: well actually...
You creator-tell: While I quite like the idea of the padlock thing, I'm not
              sure I'd ever really have a piercing done. Too much faff. I've
              had my ears pierced since I was 11, haven't worn earringsfor
              about ten years, and they *still* get infected.
(cre) Awful: From piercings to water sports ... warn me before we get to scat,
(cre) Dogbolter: What you and Lucifer get up to is not my concern.
(cre) Dasquian: What's scat?
(cre) Dasquian shows his innocence.
(cre) Dasquian: Oh... I have just been informed.
(cre) Dogbolter: shit.
(cre) Dasquian: nm
(cre) Awful: Er ... in that case it's fast paced vocal jazz.
(cre) Revol: it does when the silly girl bites when her cat jumpson the bed and
     scares her...
(cre) Dasquian: Er... -where- did she bite?
(cre) Etain isn' t sure she wants to konw
(cre) Dogbolter: Liverpool
(cre) Revol: well cast your mind back to the start of this conversation when we
     were talking about peni (pl)
(cre) Vashti is so glad she logged in for this discussion.
(cre) Revol: Liverpool.... lol
(cre) Kaea: Peni?  I'm unconvinced
(cre) Dasquian: They might have to amputate Revol
(cre) Dasquian: h0h0h0
(cre) Revol chuckles.
(cre) Etain amputates Revol
You creator-tell: Little Revol.
(cre) Revol: twas funny... she got really sympathetic and said she'd do it for
     half price next time coz i've known her 11 years and she bitme
(cre) Eight: you paid her?
You creator-tell: Some people would pay extra to be bitten.
(cre) Eight loses respect
(cre) Dasquian: HALF PRICE??????
(cre) Revol: she was a friend.... i paid her in a take away meal :)
(cre) Dasquian: You -paid-
You creator-tell: You seriously paid her?!
(cre) Etain: so what, she only gets half the chips next time?
(cre) Dasquian: You paid her a pizza for blow job??!?!?!
(cre) Dasquian: Revol...
(cre) Dasquian: Revol... no...
(cre) Revol: nah... i technically did because we went out and i paid for the
     food and drinks
(cre) Kaea boggles at the idea of someone wanting payment for a blow job
You creator-tell: Half a pizza next time, I guess.
(cre) Eight: great, he can eat teh other half while he's back in casualty
(cre) Dasquian: You're going for free then? :)
(cre) Dasquian flees.
(cre) Revol chuckles.
(cre) Revol: hey, it's worth being bitten for if i can eat half a take away
(cre) Etain boggles
(cre) Revol: mebbe next time i'll grab her nuts and make her bite again...
(cre) Revol: ...urm...
You creator-tell: Her what?
(cre) Dasquian: She has NUTS?!?!?!
(cre) Etain: _her_ nuts??
(cre) Revol: breasts!!
(cre) Dasquian: Revol... oh my Revol... we need to talk.
(cre) Eight: erm, if she has nuts, she isn't a she
(cre) Vairre: Wow, I'm impressed.
You creator-tell: This is a northern thing, isn't it.
(cre) Etain: it really was lucifer, wasn't it?
(cre) Eight: I bet she has a large adam's apple too!
You creator-tell: And hairy nipples?
(cre) Dogbolter: Let me get this right...you had a blow job from Lucifer, which
     you paid a half pizza for, and you're looking forward to a half price one
     next time because he bit you?
(cre) Revol: nah... Luci never did have a big Adam'sApple :)
(cre) Eight takes Revol's spade off him, the hole is big enough.
(cre) Revol: eeek... timing again :)
(cre) Revol: nah, it was not Luci... gawd he's gonna have a wierd day on here
You creator-tell: Damn, I have to go out. Someone log it?
(cre) Revol chuckles.
(cre) Eight has logs
(cre) Revol eeks!
(cre) Eight and a list of quotes
(cre) Dogbolter: So does Lucifer.
(cre) Revol: urm.... i hope all of this does not change the way you'll all be
     with me at the MudMeet?
(cre) Dasquian: Well, we sure as hell won't be letting you buy us takeaways.
You creator-tell: Depends, will you buy me a takeaway as well?
(cre) Etain: you want us all now? do we all get pizza?
(cre) Kaea: Well, I ain't letting you buy me pizza
(cre) Dogbolter: No, you can share a room with him again. But I'll book you a
     double, not a twin, OK?
(cre) Revol: you know... the Ibis only has doubles:)
(cre) Revol: and yes, free pizza AND kebabsfor all...
(cre) Vashti demands teh big monies.
(cre) Archana: it has feathers too
(cre) Awful: How about queen then?
(cre) Dogbolter: Yeah ,Revol will come.
(cre) Revol: queen?
(cre) Vashti coughs.
(cre) Eight: Db, I hope not!
(cre) Revol chuckles.i ain't coming
(cre) Eight: Think of the mess.. and the blood!
(cre) Archana leers
You creator-tell: Blood? *perks*
(cre) Awful: Queen size, king size ... whatever makes you happy, really.
(cre) Revol: ah! right...
(cre) Dogbolter has a kingsize.
(cre) Revol: as long as thewy have a take away in the vicinity, we'll all be
(cre) Etain: feh i bet you say that to all the gels :p
(cre) Dogbolter: And a proper American Kingsize, not a European one.
(cre) Revol: American... always biggerand better
(cre) Awful wonders what sort of tip the pizza delivery guy gets out of it.
(cre) Vashti watches the Disc bob like Revol's girlfriend.
(cre) Archana blames Kaea
(cre) Archana leers
(cre) Archana: Revol's girlfriend is named bob
You creator-tell: It's plausible. Is Bob Luci's real name?
(cre) Dasquian: > [Aerk logged on from 0 at the same time as Fingertip]
(cre) Archana: yes apparently his name is b. azel bob
(cre) Revol: phew!
(cre) Archana: so we can therefore extrapolate that Lucifer == Revol's
(cre) Etain: and further that he gives blow jobs for half a pizza
You creator-tell: No, he got a whole pizza. Half is next time because he nearly
              bit Revol in two.
(cre) Rhinehold: mmm, Seg fault.
(cre) Revol: Luci's real name is James, not Bob
(cre) Rhinehold: well,... we call him bob...
(cre) Dogbolter: No.
(cre) Revol: and i have no Girlfriend... just female friendsof varying degrees
(cre) Dogbolter: You don't pay your girlfriend to give you a blowjob.
(cre) Eight: Jim-bob?
(cre) Dogbolter: Lucifer == Revol's ho.
(cre) Archana: Lucifer == Revol's love slave
(cre) Etain: well not exactly slave archana, he does get paid...
(cre) Revol: no... Lucy with a "Y" ... totally different person
You creator-tell: Nonono. Slaves aren't paid.
You creator-tell: Ahah!
(cre) Revol: i've known Luci for 4 years... Lucy for 11
(cre) Archana: yes but you generally have to feed slaves
(cre) Eight: does he dress up to become Lucy? or is just a change in attitude?
(cre) Revol: he grows breasts temporarily andhis penis goes inwards...
(cre) Archana: does he dress up often for you?
(cre) Revol: nope... still wears orange
(cre) Dogbolter: Does his penis going inwards hurt you at all?
(cre) Revol: _always_
(cre) Dasquian: m3cH4P3n15
(cre) Archana: so do you two play snap?
(cre) Revol: f--- Lucy is NOT Luci... Luci is originally from Ramsbottom...
     Lucy fromManchester
(cre) Revol: and Ramsbottom isnot joke... tht's the real town
(cre) Etain: *rofl* sorry but ramsbottom is rather apt...
(cre) Archana: so does he wear makeup when he's lucy?
(cre) Dasquian: Luci by day, Lucy by night
(cre) Dogbolter: I am off to bed.   Your talk of sex with Lucifer Ramsbottom
     and his inwardly mobile penis is getting too much for me.
(cre) Archana leers
You creator-tell: Ramsbottom. Hm.
(cre) Revol: serioulsy... check it on multimap.com.... tis a real place near
     Bury :)
(cre) Dogbolter: I'll bet he buries something...
(cre) Carmine goes to bed.
(cre) Kaea: Anyone know where the bandits tabard is kept in /obj/clothes?
(cre) Archana: looks like
(cre) Dogbolter sleeps.
(cre) Awful: Tell her my answer for that:  I once knew a guy who was born in a
     garage, but that didn't make him a car.
(cre) Revol: sometimes i'm Catholic...
(cre) Eight is just Eight, worship me ;-)
(cre) Eight: Awful, that was one of Terano's bad analogies, right?
(cre) Revol: well i worship Lucifer
(cre) Eight: with pizza
(cre) Revol: ack! the devil one...
(cre) Revol: "oh great Lord.. acceptthis pizza as a sacrifice"
(cre) Rhinehold: well, if you insist...
(cre) Rhinehold eats a bit of pizza...
(cre) Revol suspects Rhinehold missed the "discussion" earlier this evening :)
(cre) Awful: hmm ... no, it's more of a failed syllogism.  "Cars go into
     garages.  Bob goes into a garage.  Therefore, Bob is a car."
(cre) Eight: he was the lucky one
(cre) Revol: or the significant part at least :)
(cre) Revol: are we talking about the same bob as before?
(cre) Awful: No, it's just he's just a random Bob.
(cre) Revol: thought so... he gets around, doesn't he!
(cre) Kaea: Anyway, night all!
(cre) Kaea: Put your liaisoning hats on
(cre) Kaea: (or ask phyre, exep or scorn to su)
(cre) Eight wonders where all the good tv is
You creator-tell: 1986.
(cre) Awful: Actually I'd have to say 1974.  It seemed so much better back
     then, although oddly enough when I watch the same shows now they're not as
     good.  Obviously something happened to the shows.
You creator-tell: Degradation over time, sort of thing?
(cre) Revol: i wasn't born until 1982, so i'd have to say late 80's when
     A-Team, Nightrider and Airwolf were showing forthe firsttime
(cre) Rhinehold misses Your Show of Shows ...
(cre) Rhinehold smacks Revol about the head and neck to deaden the pain.
(cre) Awful: That must be it.  "Adam 12" was so much better when I was 5.
(cre) Eight: wogboy? we let that through?
(cre) Revol quietly strums the airwolf theme tuneon his guitar..
(cre) Rhinehold: oh dear, Steve Gibson is on tv... ;)
(cre) Eight: strum it on a guitar?!
(cre) Eight: have you heard it before?
(cre) Revol: well... more like pluck
(cre) Eight boggles
(cre) Revol: "da-da-da,da,da,da,...da,da,da,da----da---da---da-dada
(cre) Zagor: anybody know anything about priests still not saving?
(cre) Revol: and i can get the helicopter blade whirring noise aswell :)
(cre) Eight laughs
(cre) Awful: Well, most of them do take a vow of poverty, you know.
(cre) Eight: How ironic.. priests that can't save!
(cre) Dishrag: Or at least getting their rituals _every_ login?
(cre) Eight: lots of lost souls then
(cre) Zagor: You all know what i mean, the new ritual thingy..some of them keep
     getting it every time they log on. :P
You creator-tell: Don't idle out when I'm trying to kill you!
(cre) Revol: gnight... got a job interview tomorrow :)