Vashti's Discworld MUD quotefile

(Playerkillers) Blind wisps: look out gits - A piece of lore concerning banishing becomes clearer for you.

(Playerkillers) Blind wisps: i'll be a highlord soon

- 13th December 2001.

(cre) Rhinehold: "Hi, my name is Rhinehold. I cried at the end of Armageddon."

- 13th December 2001.

(cre) Taffyd: They call her the SMTP Castrato Queen

- 20th December 2001.

(cre) Jeremy: Thou shalt not bear false dwep against thy neighbor.

You cre-tell: Why?

(cre) Jeremy: I dunno. It's in the bible. Somewhere near the back I think.

- 23rd December 2001.

Jesus can say anything he likes, this is not his mud(tm) :)

- Wodan on the liaison board, 23rd February 2002.

But I'm not changing Sto Lat so that the rooms are 800 feet wide, because an 800-foot-tall horse is not welcome in my city. ;P

- Rodion on the sur board, 15th April 2002.

(code) Terano: Actually, there are some great benefits to doing it that way..

(code) Terano: .. well, when I say benefits, I mean terrible design flaws.

- 6th June 2002.

(bpfh) Eldric Bach: sure....nothing like being spanked repeatedly by a geriatric monk with a giant wooden paddle while trying to conjugate several latin words.

- 26th August 2002.

(cre) Drakkos: Hehe. Even I would cringe at the thought of telling Germaine Greer to get in the kitchen and make me some pie. :-P

- 29th August 2002.

(Warriors) Aces wisps: What's the world come to if Evil Dark Lord Master Ceres does dinner.

- Ceres goes for lunch, 2nd September 2002.

(cre) Dek: 'Discworld: So good, the Greeks banned it!'

- The day the Greeks banned electronic games (allegedly). 5th September 2002.

(cre) Curious: When you reuse code, you're letting the terrorists win.

- 20th September 2002.

(Thieves) Githan wisps: RL is for losers who can't face their problems :p

- 3rd November 2002.

Twiggy wisps: The next time Ceres has you tortured to death by the secret police, we can talk about the similarities between the MUD and Iraq.

- Explaining MUD admin to Maelin, 22nd November 2002.

(cre) Sasquatch: plus, I trust Mansarde's navigation as much as I trust Wodan to stop drinking Grolsch

- Why Mansarde never visits Sasquatch, 26th November 2002.

(cre) dogbolTer: Hm.

You cre-tell: So have the Osrics started?

(cre) Taffyd: yah don't vote now though

(cre) Taffyd: I am tweaking with the votes

(cre) Taffyd: er

(cre) Taffyd: I am tweaking with the code :p

(cre) Taffyd: (freudian slip?)

(cre) Drakkos: Hehe, Taffyd slips us.

(cre) Drakkos: Up.

(cre) Drakkos: Grar. :-P

(cre) Drakkos: (Taffyd slips us the sausage)

- Rigging the Osrics, 27th November 2002.

> Does anyone know if the Cabbage Fields outside AM are under our juristdiction or not?

As they are outside both AM and Klatch I'm pretty sure nobody has them under jurisdiction.

However, I can't remember if Klatch claimed them earlier on in the period known as 'Wtf?'.

Robgea and Lucifer debate the Sto Plains. 8th December 2002.

(cre) Terano: Creators don't post on those boards.

(cre) Terano: Or use those channels.

(cre) Nayeli accuses terano of not lying very well.

(cre) Terano: Oh I'm not lying.

[5 minutes pass]

(cre) Terano: PS: lying? wtf? :P

[12 hours pass]

(cre) Terano: I said "You shouldn't be chatting on those channels, because Pinkfish doesn't like it"

(cre) Terano: and she goes "Liar!'

(cre) Terano: and I'm like.. what the fuck? :P

(cre) Exote: Who?

(cre) Una: yeah, wtf

(cre) gin: The correct reply is: RMPLAYER

You cre-tell: Have you been brooding about that all day?

(cre) Terano: Whoa.

(cre) Terano: Sorry, I had a context switch there.

- Nayeli drives Terano insane, 8th December 2002.

(liaison) Shabree: hee. I shall offer to be linent for sexula favors

(liaison) Shabree: um, sexual

(liaison) Asilor: I'm sure if I tried to show some leg, I might kill a few people :P

(liaison) Shabree: for the record, I was only teasing ;p

(liaison) Rotter dresses up as Count Sexula and flaps about the room showing thigh to everyone who gets in his way.

- Best. Typo. Ever. 12th December 2002.

> win

*** Connection reset by peer.

*** Connection closed.

- s0xp1racY, 26th December 2002.

(Assassins) Astrogoth wisps: 'You could have sworn that your scary-ass millenium bug just crashed a server' I wonder if that's why DW's been crashing so much lately...?

(Assassins) Quinten wisps: hehehe

(Assassins) Elani wisps: Wodan got drunk

(Assassins) Quinten wisps: Too much Grolsch probably :)

(Assassins) Elani wisps: Hehe

(Assassins) Skyhigh wisps: Grolsch? Stella Artois is much better!

(Assassins) Quinten wisps: Ahwell, his fault for living so close to Enschede :P

(Assassins) Elani wisps: "We'll only let you drink it when it's ready", said Pinkfish. So Wodan crashed DW and nicked it while he wasn't looking

- Why we have crashes. 27th December 2002.

[old vincent <Cwc> killed by iori <PLAYER>]

Iori wisps: if i kill old vincent will the rest of the silver horde be after me?

- Oops. 30th December 2002.

You are stupid and I hate you.

- Tasslehoff debates with Penguin. 6th January 2003.

Juan wisps: i vlame the tewuila.

- Don't drink and Discworld. 11th January 2003.

Nayeli wisped: i'm working on a new area, that won't be in game for a while :P

Hyde wisped: What's the name for it?

Nayeli wisped that she isn't telling!

Hyde wisped: It's probably something like Nayeliville...

Brusma wisped: Isn't Nayeliville a dodgy album by a dodgy rapper?

- Nayeli explains her job. 22nd January 2003.

(Thieves) Gorfl wisps: Bah. "You cannot open a nightclub." I call it oppression of the small businessperson.

- 23rd January 2003.

Offler the Crocodile God shouts: Game ith webooting in 5 minuteth.

(Thieves) Heartless wisps that he starts humming 'It's the end of the world'

*** Connection closed.

- Offler gets impatient. 2nd February 2003.

(cre) Wodan: so, who is this straw?

(cre) Drakkos: Hehe... and again, Jack Straw relates to the 'heavy in volume, devoid of information' comment about Iraq's dossiers. I wonder if he realises the irony. :-P

You cre-tell: He's hoping we won't notice, Drakkos.

(cre) Drakkos: UK's Home Secretary

(cre) Koryn: UK's Forn Secretary.

You cre-tell: Isn't he foreign secretary now?

You cre-tell: Damn you, Koryn.

(cre) Drakkos: Oh, is he?

You cre-tell: Yeah, Blunkett is home secretary IIRC.

(cre) Drakkos: He used to be home secretary, then.

(cre) Koryn: Yes. 2001. He moved from Home to Forn. Blunkett moved from Education to Right Wing Nazi.

[jack straw <Sur> killed by being inhumed by a member of the Assassins' Guild (SCB) <Room>]

- One NPC contract: Lots. That sort of timing: Priceless. 5th February 2003.

(Priests) Mental wisps: and never ever believe anything I say with respect to this guild, because I am a complete nitwit on priest affairs

(Priests) Mental wisps: and never quote me on that or I'll sue :P

- Bring it on. 17th February 2003.

Of course, you're an American, so in your language "bag o'wank" means "president".

- Zagor, UK Cabbage Meet 2003.

(cre) Dungeon: Wah! Players keep talking to me and I wanna go have netsex..

(cre) Dungeon: Err, misschat. o.o

(cre) Dungeon fades to black.

- Thanks for sharing. 24th February 2003.

Sarcasm Laveau creates one club 'BoW' insignia.

Sarcasm Laveau equips a club badge.

Sarcasm Laveau bows WANK!.

Sarcasm Laveau eeks.

- This was, of course, the Bag o'Wank club. 25th February 2003.

The grflx looks vigilant.

Seethe d'Licious gives the grflx, you and Sleeter Weston a big wet smooch on the lips.

The grflx cuts Seethe d'Licious' chest into small pieces with her claws.

- Bad respawn moments, no. 246. 1st March 2003.

(Witches) Axira wisps: Did anyone else know that doesn't exist? I was most disapointed :(

- You might also find this interesting. 22nd March 2003.

(Wizards) Arbuthnut wisps: It's a wierd feeling, being destructed by Root. Kind of like being kicked in the face by Yggdrasil.

- 23rd March 2003.

(Priests) Yalpf wisps: I just turned around to check my dog wasn't in the room when I typed "walk". That is how strong my fear of getting him wound up is. :P

- 5th April 2003.

(cre) Taffyd: fuck you RACIST BASTARDS

(cre) Taffyd: oh mischat

- Lessons in Freudian typing. 29th April 2003.

(bpfh) Xylo Illusione: I'm covered in shit, fingering an entire club and you want me to be sensible?

- Say no more. Please. 15th May 2003.

Hp: 1485 (1954) Gp: 262 (304) Xp: 127301

The officer launches a powerful attack. The officer neatly fillets your neck with his scimitar.

The officer exclaims in Djelian: Careful, you might hurt someone!

The officer launches a powerful attack. The officer neatly fillets your left leg with his scimitar.

Hp: 336 (1954) Gp: 263 (304) Xp: 127315

Your feet run away with you!

- Yeah, right. 22nd May 2003.

Penguin rules Klatch with the iron fist and makes Stalin look like a cheap rip off of Big Bird.

- Slyk on the frog board, 24th May 2003.

Beale wisps: The mouth is the manchester of the body!

- Tongue piercings arrive on the disc, 28th May 2003.

Maya wisps: Respect is not for people with the word 'peepee' in their names.

- SlugPeePee demands respect, 6th September 2003.

(Playerkillers) TGGM wisps: The One wouldn't bring balance. He'd end the MUD and free us from our slavery to the machines.

- The perpetual balance discussions continue. 6th September 2003.

(Apex) BladeMaiden wisps: i like arnie. he's more stupid thäan me, and thats a good trait in a leader

- Schwarzenegger wins the California election, 8th October 2003.

Out of all the times someone's ever tried to insult me in my life (and there have been many) I have to say 'you wash dishes' has got to be one of the all time weirdest. :)

DantheMan on flame, 28th October 2003.

Kurupt wisps: You guys fucking suck!

Gheto wisps: rofl

Skyhigh wisps: wtf?

Kurupt wisps: Oh no.

Brue wisps: Eh?

August wisps: Rofl.

Kurupt wisps: I'm sorry.

Clio wisps: misstell?

Crunch wisps that he ducks

Capercaille wisps: Only when asked nicely.

Gheto wisps: Sure you are!

August wisps: That was meant for Speed Mafia =p

- Kurupt plays Speed Mafia, 22nd December 2003.

(bpfh) Seth DeNightshade: i couldn't trype if my fucking lif edpejed onit

- 23:30, New Year's Eve 2003.

DantheMan wisps that he is very worried that it took discworld less than a minute to guess 'fried dog'

- (one) plays I Spy, 1st January 2004.

(Thieves) Sythyr wisps: Yes, well, the rest of us live secure in the knowledge that we don't need to set our watches to beep at the respawn rate of Cartier's.

- 5th January 2004.

(Thieves) Carino wisps: only the named ones and the guild ones.. not 'shity thief' and so on.. although it is against guild rules and frowned on

(Thieves) Carino wisps: erm, shfty ones, even

(Thieves) Carino wisps: shifty too

- Carino gets drunk on duty, 11th January 2004.

(Thieves) Serenity wisps: An astonishingly large number of large, muscled, sexy people play this game!

- 11th January 2004.

We all know that the smaller the people you kill, and the bulkier the group you're in when you kill them, the more GINORMOUS your wang! Man, some of those people must be HUGE.

- Flamore on the pk board, 22nd January 2004.

With no king there's no princess, and with no princess there's no Duke Githan and his horde of half swedish half pickle jar children.

- Githan the Swedish royalist, 10th February 2004.

(Playerkillers) Carino wisped: but I already have my own trumpet to blow :/

(Playerkillers) Insanity wisped: I thought you needed a rib removed to do that?

- 11th March 2004.

My washing machine is Thunderdome.

*chant* Two socks enter, one sock leaves!

- Fevvling does laundry, 12th March 2004.

[Cold has a birthday today]

> wish cold birthday

You wish Cold a happy birthday.

You feel cold to your bones.

- Well... maybe not that happy. 18th March 2004.

Gods What Is Alle Thys?!? Thier Aer Dozzens Of NPCs!!!! I Amm Glade Yt Ys Daye And Noe Mistaking!!!!!!!! ;)

- Rhian encounters the twenty-evil-troll-per-room bug, 2nd April 2004.

(Assassins) Sleffie wisps: Oh bah, you can't leave hte market

[sleffie <PLAYER> killed by alatariel <PLAYER>]

- Sleffie plays by the rules, 3rd April 2004.

(Witches) Rhian wisps: what the books don't tell us is how GrannY used to fly over to Klatch and slaughter thousands of people every day to get the respect she currently has. And the skills. :P

- Granny Weatherwax: The Untold Story. 11th April 2004.

The amount of incessant bitching and pettiness that goes on on this board sickens me, and I'm Maelin.

- Maelin wows the assassins with his reputation. assassinsguild, 23rd October 2004.

(One) Arch wisps: if the gods intended us to be bald, we'd be born that way!

(One) Arch wisps: er.

- 20th December 2004.

(inertia) BunBun: Clowns scare me, and I'm not really sure why.

(inertia) BunBun: Might have to do with that time I went to the circus, and the clowns killed my entire family.

(inertia) BunBun stares into space.

- BunBun, 14th May 2005.

(Apex) Sined wisps: Scotty died

(Apex) Airmidh wisps: RIP Scotty.

(Apex) Taffyd wisps: did hjames doohan die??

(Apex) Sined wisps: I just heard on radio 4

(Apex) Taffyd wisps: man, no cwc teleporting for him :(

- James Doohan died the same day as a major change to the Disc. 20th July 2005.

(Wizards) Badgerhair wisps: Does JHSD stand for Just Have Sined Do it?

- 26th October 2005.

(Wizards) Tempus wisps: Venerable Council of Seers. The only order without a Wizards List but with a Sex Offenders Register.

- Fill in the blanks yourself. 28th October 2005.

Fritz wisps: wishes the money system was universal

Berke wisps: Kind of like the Euro.

Berke wisps: But since we're on the Disc, it'd be the...Disco.

- 2nd January 2006.